Technical Translation Services

At Keep Translations aim to provide specialized technical translation services with an up-to-date knowledge in your niche industry to provide you with premium results.

Experienced linguists

All our linguists are native speakers of their language and have strong expertise in their field.

100% quality guarantee

We stand by every translation. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will work until you are, no matter how long it takes.

Affordable rates

Virtual operation simply means lower prices and rates - without compromising on quality.

What is technical translation?

Technical translation is a specialized type of translation which involves the translation of documents in technological subjects or texts that deal with the practical application of technological or scientific information. Technical translations are needed in a variety of industries ranging from advertising to engineering to machinery, therefore a specialised Technical Translation Service is a must for accurate results.

Technical texts are often complex and require knowledge and experience both in linguistics and niche industries, which only professional translators have. At Keep Translations we hand-select the translators we work with to ensure that they meet the criteria required to provide you with high quality Technical Translation Services.

The different niches within technical translations cannot be taken under one umbrella. Advertising and machinery have completely different terminologies and both require a specific technical knowledge. All our translators have a specialism and we have a number of linguists in our network from a wide range of backgrounds and niches to choose from.


When technical translation goes wrong

As technical translation deals with technological subjects and the practical application of technological and scientific information, the constant change and development in these areas should be taken into consideration. For accurate translations, it is imperative that the linguist carrying out the works is up-to-date with the newest trends and terminology. If you entrust your documents to inexperienced and unqualified translators, you risk:

At Keep Translations we acknowledge the importance relevant linguistic and industrial experience in order to provide linguistically and contextually accurate technical translations, this is why we only with trusted translators that we hand select ourselves.

Our Technical Translation Services

Our Technical Translation Services are delivered by a carefully selected network of technical translators, coming from a variety of backgrounds. To ensure that we deliver premium Technical Translation Services, all of our linguists have to meet certain criteria.

Only native linguists

We only work with translators who are native speakers of the language they translate to. This ensures not only the use of accurate terminology, but also that the text translated flows naturally.

Proven experience

We only work with translators with a long-term experience in their specialized niche area, many of them with former technical professional experience as well.

Tested and verified

All of our translators have taken a test specifically dedicated to technical translation before becoming part of our network. We only work with verified linguists.

How we deliver premium results fast

Your project will be assigned to a project manager who will find the most suitable linguist specializing in just the area you need. This will ensure that the document translated is 100% accurate using the correct terminology, as well as linguistically and contextually fluid.

Although our translators have an in-depth knowledge in their specialized area, research is an essential part of a translation job. First, we make sure we listen to your requirements to understand what exactly you need. Then, our linguists conduct a thorough research and analysis to gain a wider understanding of the context of your project.

Our biggest assets are our dedicated translators and their expertise, but at Keep Translations we also keep up with the latest technology. We use databases that store the translations of technical terms thus allowing our translators to retrieve these quickly.

Once your document is translated, it will be revised by a second specialized translator, then it is run through a quality assurance using semi-automated tools to scan for consistency, terminology, spelling and grammar errors. It makes the process faster without compromising on quality and enables us to provide you with an efficient service.

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