Medical Translation Services

At Keep Translations, we combine human expertise and technological precision to ensure that we provide you with accurate Medical Translation Services.

Experienced linguists

All our linguists are native speakers of their language and have strong expertise in their field.

100% quality guarantee

We stand by every translation. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will work until you are, no matter how long it takes.

Affordable rates

Virtual operation simply means lower prices and rates - without compromising on quality.

What is medical translation?

Medical translation entails the conversion of various types of documents used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry from one language to another. This ranges from information leaflets to training materials to academic papers.

Accuracy is crucial when translating documents in any industry, but in the medical field it is absolutely imperative that the translation is 100% correct, as these documents often directly affect patients’ and customers’ health.

One minor mistake can result in loss of reputation, lawsuits or, in the worst-case scenario, can cost lives.

One such case was that of 18-year-old Willie Ramirez who was admitted to the hospital in a coma in 1980. His family only spoke Spanish and they described him as “intoxicado”. The interpreter translated it as drunk, but the word intoxicado refers to poisoning. As a result, the doctors wasted time trying to treat him as someone who had been overdosed and the delay in the correct treatment resulted in “quadripeglia”. The family sued and won a $71 million settlement.


When medical translation goes wrong

The story of Willie Ramirez is an extreme case, however, very much possible to happen if your documents are in the hands of non-experts. In addition, there are other less severe, but still very serious outcomes you may be facing if your medical documents are translated incorrectly.

Using our Medical Translation Services you can avoid:

It is clear that getting the translation right the first time is a non-negotiable when it comes to translating medical documents. There is no room for risk and error, only for perfection. At Keep Translations, we only work with top translators with an in-depth knowledge of the medical industry who understand the consequences of mistranslations, and therefore take extra care working on your documents.

our medical translation services

Medical translation requires a very specific skillset that takes years of studying and practice to master. At Keep Translations, we recognise the importance of accuracy in medical translation, this is why all of our linguists are hand-picked based on rigorous criteria.

Only native linguists

We only work with translators native in the language they translate to, to make sure that your text flows naturally.

Proven experience

Our linguists have an in-depth knowledge in the specific area they work in, many of them with first-hand experience as medical professionals.

tested and verified

All of our translators have to take a specialized medical translation test before becoming part of our network.

How we deliver premium results efficiently

Your project will be assigned to a project manager who will find the most suitable linguist specializing in just the area you need. This ensures that the terminology is 100% accurate and that the translated text reads as precisely as the original one. If your project concerns a sensitive matter, such as medical test results, one of our linguists with previous professional experience will work on it, to ensure the sufficient technical knowledge required.

We understand the need for precision in the medical industry, therefore, our medical linguists take extra care and extra time if needed when translating your documents. However, we are also aware that some document types might be needed urgently and this is where technology comes into the picture. We use databases that store the translations of technical terms, allowing our translators to retrieve these quickly.

Once your document is translated, it will be revised by a second specialized translator, then it is run through a quality assurance using semi-automated tools to scan for consistency, terminology, spelling and grammar errors. It makes the process faster without compromising on quality and enables us to provide you with an efficient service.


Legal and regulatory requirements for medical translations

When translating certain types of medical documents, there are regulations to comply with which might require a certified translator. At Keep Translations we can provide you with a certified translation that states:

Medical documents often contain sensitive patient information, therefore we consider privacy and confidentiality our top priority. You can rest assured that all necessary measures are in place and that we comply with GDPR regulations.

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