Financial Translation Services

When it comes to Financial Translation Services, Keep Translations combine linguistic proficiency, industrial expertise and cultural awareness to deliver premium results.

Experienced linguists

All our linguists are native speakers of their language and have strong expertise in their field.

100% quality guarantee

We stand by every translation. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will work until you are, no matter how long it takes.

Affordable rates

Virtual operation simply means lower prices and rates - without compromising on quality.

What is Financial Translation?

Financial translation is the conversion of business & financial reports, audits or any other financial documents from one language to another.

When translating financial documents, the linguist carrying out the works doesn’t only have to be a master of words, but also a master of numbers. It is impossible to accurately translate a financial document without understanding the business context of it, this is why a highly qualified financial translator is invaluable.

In today’s globalized world, most businesses have an international presence. Therefore it is also important that the cultural context is taken into consideration when translating financial documents. Often an expression or idiom doesn’t translate into another language and it takes a certain skill to translate it accurately. A skill only a professional translator has and getting it wrong can seriously harm your business.

Just like it happened with HSBC Bank in 2009.

HSBC, the “world’s private bank” translated its famous tagline “Assume nothing” to “Do nothing” in many countries. The word assume does not translate into a lot of languages and was mistakenly translated into something with a completely different meaning. HSBC paid a high price for this seemingly minor mistake: they had to spend $10 million on rebranding the message to gain back client trust.


Technical Translation Services

When financial translation goes wrong

The financial sector is a highly regulated industry dealing with specialist texts and sensitive information on a daily basis. Therefore a mistranslation could not only result in loss of money and reputation, but also in legal actions and penalty fees. If you entrust the translation of your financial documents to non-professionals, you risk:

Our financial translation services

At Keep Translations, we understand that there is a lot at stake when translating financial documents. A badly translated document can ruin your credibility and your business relations, thus making you lose money. We know how important accuracy is, this is why all our linguists are cherry-picked and have to meet our criteria.

Only native linguists

We only work with translators who are native in the language they translate to. This ensures that the text is linguistically fluid and is accurate as well as appropriate in a global environment.

Proven experience

Our linguists speak the language of numbers. All of our translators are either former financial professionals or they took a test dedicated to financial translating.

Tested and verified

All of our translators have taken a test specifically dedicated to financial translation before becoming part of our network. We only work with verified linguists.

How we deliver premium results fast

“Time is money” as the saying goes, and that is especially true in the world of finance. At Keep Translations, we know that you have no time to waste, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality for speedy results. You may think that this is impossible, but the correct management practices combined with expertise and the use of technology can get you premium results fast.

Your project will be assigned to a project manager who will find the most suitable linguist specializing in just the area you need. This ensures that the terminology is 100% accurate and that your document is appropriate in an international environment.

In order to achieve accurate results fast, we use databases that store the translations of technical terms, allowing our translators to retrieve these quickly. Although we do trust the technology we use, we also know that nothing beats the expertise of a human translator. Some financial terms do not have equivalents in other languages, therefore it is important that a professional financial translator can rely on their experience when it comes to translating those terms.

Once your document is translated, it will be revised by a second specialized translator, then it is run through a quality assurance using semi-automated tools to scan for consistency, terminology, spelling and grammar errors. It makes the process faster without compromising on quality and enables us to provide you with an efficient service.

Pairing technology with a human eye makes the process faster without compromising on quality, and enables us to provide you with an efficient service.


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